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  1. David The Shepherd Boy
  2. ‘Based on a true story’: the fine line between fact and fiction
  3. David The Shepherd Boy (True Life, book 2) by Sammie Ward
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Evil Genius explored the bizarre murder of Brian Wells, whose death was sometimes called the "pizza bomber" case.

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You really have to watch the documentary series to try and understand how he fit into the larger botched bank robbery, which led to his death when an explosive collar around his neck detonated. There are a lot of angles to this one, and they're all grimly fascinating. This year marked the 30th anniversary of Ted Bundy's execution, and that meant we got multiple Ted Bundy projects.

David The Shepherd Boy

Maybe it's true. Conversations with a Killer came to Netflix in January , with four hour-long episodes sourced from hundreds of hours of interviews and archival footage from Bundy, his surviving victims, family, and law enforcement. False confessions used to baffle me. Why would someone confess to something they didn't do? But true crime has schooled me well on that front, from Unbelievable to this entire documentary series. The first season came out in , covering six different cases of possible false confessions.

Season 2 had four new episodes in Each case shows multiple potential scenarios for how a crime could've happened, with experts digging into the justice system and the many ways it can fail.

‘Based on a true story’: the fine line between fact and fiction

Chilling stuff. This six-episode documentary series came out in , based on the book by John Grisham. Yep, that John Grisham. The series examines two murders in the small town of Ada, Oklahoma -- the murder of Debra Sue Carter and the murder of Denice Haraway. The story follows the questionable cases against the four men convicted, including former minor league baseball player Ron Williamson, who was exonerated by DNA evidence after serving 11 years on death row.

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You watch enough true crime docuseries, you'll get to thinking the justice system is so flawed, everyone convicted is really innocent. That's not quite the case -- sometimes the system does work, and there's even another Netflix true crime series called I Am a Killer with actual killers talking about their murders. However, Exhibit A may have you doubting all evidence.

The four-part series came to Netflix in June exploring how blood spatter, cadaver dogs, and other forensic tools can be manipulated and misinterpreted, sometimes resulting in false convictions. It feels like cheating to add The Staircase , since I already wrote about it on a list of documentary series to watch. But, to me, it's even more essential true crime viewing than Making a Murderer. The Staircase started as a French TV miniseries in , following the case of Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife Kathleen.

Simple set up.

David The Shepherd Boy (True Life, book 2) by Sammie Ward

But there's still nothing simple about this case. I must've changed my mind on what happened a dozen times, as the story kept adding new details over the episodes and over the years of filming. This documentary series was a huge sensation last year. In The Flight Portfolio , Julie Orringer imagines Fry's experiences convincing the likes of Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, and Marcel Duchamp that relocating to the States the only option, while simultaneously struggling with the return of a fictional old flame.

Fry is conflicted when this past love reemerges. Lizzie Borden's life story is based on lore as much as it is documented history, and has been told several different ways both on the page and screen. Schmidt's take is from four individual vantage points, one of which is Borden herself.

Kindle Editions

The writing is gorgeously grotesque in its description of a claustrophobic household that leads a stifled young woman to murder her father and his wife. Jesmyn Ward based her second novel on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, something she, unfortunately, experienced first-hand. The rich detail Ward provides in this National Book Award-winning story is largely due to these devastating circumstances, but gives the story an authenticity to accompany its candor. Narrator Esch is 15 and pregnant, living with her brothers and father in a fictional dilapidated part of Mississippi called Bois Sauvage.

As Katrina descends, the family barricades themselves inside, and while they're dealing with more than just the impending storm, the stakes are much higher because of it. Emma Cline's debut has a lot in common with the story of Charlie Manson and the young women who quickly became his devotees. Set in the summer of the late '60s, not long before the violent killing of actress Sharon Tate, the fictional Evie becomes enchanted with Suzanne, an enigmatic personality she discovers in a Los Angeles park.

What’s New in the Silver Edition

Evie's infatuation soon has her following Suzanne into a cult led by the Manson-esque Russell, who has his members doing his murderous bidding. It's up to Evie if she'll be able to go through with all that is asked of her, and readers will be ravenous in finding out for themselves.

Haunted Kids: True Ghost Stories - Complete Audiobook

The novel that inspired Brie Larson's Oscar's winning performance in the movie of the same name was influenced by horrific circumstances. In , a year-old girl named Elisabeth Fritzl was locked in a secret basement by her father, who kept her imprisoned for 24 years, raping her and forcing her to conceive seven children without leaving the room. Hearing about Fritzl's entrapment and eventual release led Donoghue to think through what it would be like for a young mother and her child to be kept in captivity and then released back into the modern world.

The final product is profoundly unnerving but ultimately hopeful. Like Martha Gellhorn or Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamah Borthwick is yet another woman who has largely been defined by her relationship to a well-known man. Luckily, Loving Frank gives Mamah control of her own story, which is as much about her struggles as a woman craving independence in the early s as it is about her romance with Frank Lloyd Wright. As in real life, Mamah's story comes to a tragic end.

True to Life performs a major public service. Michael Lynch explains with engaging energy and clarity why the concept of truth matters to a decent public culture.

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Fully accessible to people without prior philosophical training, the book nonetheless explains serious philosophical debates with considerable sophistication. It will be wonderful for use and debate in undergraduate courses in many disciplines, but it is also just good reading for anyone who is interested in unmasking deception and confusion, and who thinks that this activity matters for the health of democracy.

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Search Advanced Search close Close. Preview Preview. Lynch Why truth is important in our everyday lives. Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise. Summary Why truth is important in our everyday lives.