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  1. Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights | European Commission
  2. Arguments in favour of abortion

Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights | European Commission

An ethical choice involves ascribing qualities such as right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse to alternatives. Determinism denies the reality of choice, because of a complete causal connectedness of motive and volition with physical, psychological, social, and even unconscious forces. Indeterminists insist, on the other hand, that human beings, however limited in choices, still are free to choose among alternatives and to put such choices into action. Thus volition in this view is, at least partly, independent of the strength of motivation, and itself determines which motive prevails.

The existential attitude in philosophy emphasizes such freedom of choice as well as the necessity of having to choose.

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Arguments in favour of abortion

Thank you for your feedback. Choice philosophy. See Article History. Programme Colloquium Conclusions Colloquium Resilient and inclusive democratic societies, supporting broad participation and representation. Ensuring fair elections, pluralistic political debate and online and offline freedom of expression.

Supporting a secure electoral process. Towards a stronger civil society space: avenues for self-empowerment, coalition and capacity building.

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Sound and transparent information for an informed and pluralistic democratic debate: practical steps to ensure the support of the online world. Biographies Colloquium Photo Gallery.

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