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  1. The 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations That Have Ever Existed
  2. A History Of Ancient Egypt
  3. 9. The Aztec Civilization
  4. 10. The Incan Civilization

And there is very good evidence of medical treatment. There are skeletons of pyramid-builders who had clearly suffered injuries that healed again.

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This is a very different kind of book. Why do we find Ancient Egypt such an endlessly fascinating topic? What is it about it that entrances us and has entranced countless generations? The book deals with the one character of Akhenaten, who is probably the most controversial figure in the whole of Ancient Egypt history. He abolished all the gods except for one, who he said was the sole god and his personal god.

9. The Aztec Civilization

The book looks at how Akhenaten has been co-opted and hijacked by a whole different range of groups, from psychoanalysts to protestant fundamentalists to gay rights campaigners. Everyone has seen in Akhenaten a figure that he or she could use to his or her own ends. But he himself was the king who overthrew centuries of tradition in Ancient Egypt to found a brave new vision of the cosmos, with him at its centre. Greece and Rome somehow feel more familiar, whereas Ancient Egypt seems very different, with its animal-headed gods and its tombs; it is something about that combination of antiquity and mystery that is endlessly appealing.

I wanted to choose one book that demonstrates the intensely visual nature of Ancient Egypt; this one is full of fantastically beautiful art. And it is also one of the best recent examples of a coffee-table book, if you like. But it is a coffee-table book with some outstanding scholarship as well.

The 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations That Have Ever Existed

Ancient Egypt is one of those subjects that lends itself to large-format books, and has done so for the last years. This is one of the best. It has fantastic illustrations of sculpture, paintings, architecture and jewellery from the first great flowering of Ancient Egypt in the pyramid age.

If you are going to have one book that really brings you face to face with some of the most glorious products of Ancient Egyptian civilisation, this is it. One final question: after all your years of study, which artifact do you love the most? He was a great warrior pharaoh who forged the Egyptian empire all the way south into modern Sudan and all the way north up into Syria. Five Books aims to keep its book recommendations and interviews up to date. If you are the interviewee and would like to update your choice of books or even just what you say about them please email us at editor fivebooks.

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A History Of Ancient Egypt

Save for later Kindle. Christos Chomenidis on Real Greece Books. Staff and experts from the Sechin Archaeological Project had been excavating the site when they made the discovery. The structure was buried deep in the ground. A team of specialists and workers had to dig 18 feet 5. This structure consists of a series of steps that are made out of slabs and stones and are similar to a step-pyramid. It is an estimated 10 feet 3. The pyramid is believed to be approximately years old and is in good condition. The newly found Peruvian pyramid consists of a series of steps. This massive structure was once believed to be the seat of government for the Sechin culture.

There were a number of grisly discoveries made near the pyramid.

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  4. For example, the archaeologists uncovered two human skulls, which after a preliminary study were determined to have belonged to an adult and a young child. At the side of the structure they found a skeleton that appears to have been dismembered. This is evidence that a person may have had his or her limbs cut off while still alive or post-mortem.

    It is also possible that human sacrifices took place on the stepped structure. There was a long tradition of human sacrifices in the Andes until the coming of the Spanish.

    Two skulls and a dismembered skeleton have been found. The nature of the stepped structure and its location may mean that it was used to access the center of the ancient site. It may have allowed the inhabitants of the massive complex to approach the central building. These fingerprints can be viewed as workers signing their work.

    9. The Aztec Civilization

    Work will continue on the pyramidical construction and the remains found in its vicinity will be thoroughly studied. The pyramid-like structure can provide more information on the Sechin complex. More importantly, if it is proven to have been a ceremonial site, it can help researchers to better understand the mysterious people who lived here years ago. Pendants made by the Sechin culture.

    Top image: Left: A previously discovered pendant made by the Sechin culture. I have a lifelong love of history and have been fascinated by the subject from an early age. I attended the University of Maynooth The rulers of some cities, notably Ur, had broader ambitions that extended to the eastern Mediterranean coast and its lucrative trade. Constant economic and political rivalries developed, culminating in the empire of King Ur-Nammu of Ur, who controlled Sumer and upstream Akkad in BC.

    He created an empire that extended far to the north. This efficient and well-governed empire gave way to the Semitic rulers of Babylon in BC. Their leading ruler, Hammurabi, created the first written law code in about BC.

    10. The Incan Civilization

    Code of Hammurabi, between c. After BC, the Assyrians of Old Testament fame, in what is now northern Iraq, competed with the Egyptians and others for control of the eastern Mediterranean world. The Babylonians overthrew the Assyrian state in BC. Seventy-three years later, Cyrus of Persia conquered them, and Mesopotamia joined the much larger Persian empire. Get smarter with day courses delivered in easy-to-digest emails every morning. Join over , lifelong learners today! Learn more. Courses Help Become a teacher. The First Civilizations: Egypt and Mesopotamia The Giza pyramid complex.