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And my most recent adventure was as a shelter dog. I'm around 3 years old and I only weigh 56 pounds.

There would be lots of room for me at your house cause I'm not a giant red dog. But I'm an active fellow and I sure would like to go on some adventures of my own. Maybe someone could write some of those adventures in a book once I get adopted and have a loving family to have adventures with.

I'm cute as a button with a handsome reddish coat and I'm looking for a good time. So far, I've lived outdoors; not in a house. I'd like that to change.

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A bed of my own in the house would be very, very nice. Medically, I'm scheduled to be neutered and also start heart worm treatments. While everyone enjoys their hot dogs and BBQs on the 4th of July weekend, I'll be waiting at the vet kennel to get my medical stuff done and wishing for my own Independence Day.

Maybe you could hurry that process along by donating for my heart worm treatment? Even if my adventures never get written in a book, you and I could have the time of our lives as companions.

Jealousy and Possessive Behavior in Dogs | CANIDAE®

Nine month old Goldendoodle Toby came to AGB from a breeder along with his brother Bo, both in desperate need of socialization. Toby would let people corner him and pet him but would not seek human touch and walking on a leash was completely scary for him. With help from the staff at Valleydale Animal Clinic along with training by Erin from 3Dimensional Dog, Toby was finally able to live in a foster home who helped him slowly but surely come out of his shell.

Meanwhile this nice couple from south Alabama learned about Toby, came to meet him and knew he was the one for them. Toby went to work with Mom that first week and stayed patiently on his plush doggie bed all day as many customers came into the shop and petted him. Now he is the mascot greeter every day!

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It's been so rewarding to see him on his way to becoming a normal dog. Toby is getting tons of love and attention lavished on him, which he so greatly deserves. What a happy ending for a dog with a difficult start in life. You are a testament to love and patience Toby, keep up the good work! She has the softest, sweetest eyes and her wishes came true when new Mom walked into her life. She immediately rolled over for a belly rub and said "take me home! We hope to see you at some regional events Trevi, and enjoy your new life! You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve?

You just put your lips together and blow. I was found at a shelter and got rescued by AGB. Now I certainly could use a few good meals and gain a little weight and get a glossy fur coat. Like Bacall, I have a presence both regal and sweet. I'm very friendly with medium energy. I am 2 years old and weigh 51 pounds. I've just gotten vaccinated and had a full medical check-up and I still have to be spayed. I am heart worm negative. I think good things are coming around for me.

You know, if you whistle for me and want to call me your girl, I'll come a'running! Any Bogarts out there? Bootsie is adopted after her heart worm treatment, delayed by the skin condition she came to AGB with. She has been staying with her now official new parents, so she could recover in the comfort of her familiar home with her people and the cat, all whom adore her.

This was an impressive, sweet young couple who said they had a budget and long term financial plan for expenses of a dog and waited until the perfect fit came along.

Off Leash Obedience Mysteries, Solved!

Bootsie slid into their hearts like Cinderella's slipper and they all haven't quit smiling since. Happy 4th, Bootsie, and keep that firecracker sparkle in your eyes! Bootsie, which is my new name, means "Beautiful One".

Cat attacking people Compilation

My owner dropped me and one of my puppies - just one - at a shelter. My former owners didn't even give the shelter my name and they sure didn't take care of me either. I'm heart worm positive, I need to be spayed, and I have a skin infection. My white blood count is high and I needed to be de-wormed. A bit of a sad sight when AGB picked me up from the shelter, but all fixable with some medical care. I've been told I'll be a "beautiful" girl in no time at all. I'm 3 years old and I weigh 66 pounds.

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  5. The kind fellow that drove me to Birmingham said I was very, very sweet and I tried to ride in his lap the whole way. So, besides a sweet demeanor, I am a very pretty girl with soulful brown eyes, nice white teeth, and a very distinct presence. I just need to get better from the heart worms and get my fur back in shape so AGB can find me a happy and loving home.

    I might be your "beautiful one"! And then I might romp and stomp my way into your heart!

    Solve Riddles Now With the Best Cheat

    Puppy Kisses, Bootsie. One family in particular seemed perfect so a meet was set and it was instant love. Mom says it best: "Cupcake who we call Lady to honor her original name is doing so, so great! She got to meet our two daughters and two granddogs yesterday afternoon of course, they rushed over to welcome her! This went very well and everybody is in love with our Lady.

    She is the sweetest, most loving girl, my faithful shadow, and we are smitten. She will be a spoiled girl, living out her golden years in luxury. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have her in our lives.

    We love her so much already! Something sweet and adorable?

    Jack Russell Terrier: The Adrenaline Junkie of the Dog World

    How about a cupcake?! Hello there, my name is Cupcake, and I've got a white sugar face that looks like vanilla icing on a cupcake. I'm 9 years old and I weigh 74 pounds. I am a very loving girl who's just a perfect Golden companion. I find myself needing a new home because of a ornery ole Chihuahua who kept on attacking me.

    I like other dogs very much so I guess that pup was just jealous of me. My owner passed away and I've stayed at a couple of homes but now I think I need a new home of my own with somebody who'll love me to bits. I'm kind of a low activity and low maintenance gal. I love people, car rides and laying at your feet. I walk well on a leash and I know "sit", "come", "off" and "down" commands. I am house trained! I'm vaccinated and microchipped but I do need to be spayed. I hope you think I'm a cute little cupcake girl. I do have shiny golden fur. I will be so happy to go to my very own new home.

    I hope you think that my new home is your place. One has since passed to the Rainbow Bridge, and when Mom saw Levi's face on-line she knew it was time to adopt again even though Dad was a little hesitant. But after the first meet where Levi climbed right up in Dad's lap, the deal was sealed pending Polly's opinion. She said "yes" when they met and the two are happily napping together while Levi recovers from Heart Worm treatment.

    He is looking forward to finally getting to chase a ball and that handsome face has won over everyone he meets. Rest easy Levi, good times are coming soon. Hello, everybody, my name is Levi and they're saying I'm a senior boy. I don't look like it and I don't act like it - a big, good-looking guy like me is in his prime. No white face either; just a distinctive white tuft of hair on my chest. I have a curly coat of reddish fur that the ladies love to run their fingers through and a grin that will steal your heart.

    Someone called me "a lump of love"! I am in a bit of a predicament.