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Indian Recipes
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With Indo-Chinese influences this is just one of the few delicious dishes that is relished across cities in India. A definite on the menu for vegetarians; Gobi Manchurian is coated in a chilli garlic sauce with spring onions. The sauce […]. For anyone who is a fan of Naan will love this recipe! This recipe is similar to my 5 […]. This is the one dish that I absolutely love. Well you probably think I say that about a lot of the recipes I feature on my website.

List of Indian dishes - Wikipedia

But if your memories of eating Kheema Pav were anything like mine you […]. Regional dishes across India are diverse and full of flavour. It the sheer variety of the cuisine that makes it exciting including the spices used, techniques of cooking as well as ingredients used based on diet, weather as well as […]. Renowned for its vegetarian cuisine, the Indian subcontinent has a massive population that relies purely on a meat free diet.

From home cooked curries, street food, snacks and restaurant meals the variety is endless.

Sheer abundance of lentils, beans and […]. I have been eating this curry since I was a little girl. Steam sustainable fish like tilapia in foil parcels with curry paste, coconut and lime then serve with rice for a healthy supper. Impress with this tandoori masala-spiced Indian dish with peppers, coconut and fresh coriander. A light version of a classic Keralan fish curry using tomatoes, instead of coconut cream, and firm white fish like cod.

A spiced lentil side dish from Kerala in South India with tamarind, asafoetida, fenugreek and mustard seeds. Marinade chicken in lots of classic pungent Keralan spices and cool down with coconut milk for this chargrilled Indian main. This vegetarian curry brings together classic flavours of south-west India, including freshly grated coconut and green chilli. A rustic and authentic quick Indian one-pot packed with tonnes of hot Asian spices and fragrant coriander.

A mild chicken curry with oodles of flavour. Compliments came rolling in about this almost as soon as the magazine went on sale. Try it and let us know your thoughts. Yogurt-based marinades create a delicious thin crust when they char, so are ideal for barbecues. This recipe suits any greens you have to hand — from shredded kale to Brussels sprouts.

For the less adventurous, less chilli can be used. A delicious vegetarian main dish or accompaniment to another curry, ideal for a curry buffet or spicy feast. This Easy Indian Cabbage stir fry is the perfect way to use up that head of cabbage sitting right there waiting to be used. Vegan Keema Madras with lentils. Keema is usually a minced meat dish made with combination of spices to add a complex flavor. This Keema uses red lentils. Serve this with flatbread, rice or with dosa, appam.

Authentic South Indian Biryani

Indian Keema is a minced meat…. This cauliflower peas curry gets baked in the oven.

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Creamy roasted flavors without standing around roasting the sauce. Vegan Glutenfree Nutfree Soyfree Recipe. Add some cooked chickpeas to make a meal.

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I like hands-off meals at times and this baked Cauliflower Curry is just…. Vegan Paneer Lababdar with Tofu. Use this Delicious Indian Lababdar Sauce with other proteins, chickpeas, veggies, chickpea tofu, tempeh, seitan. Vegan Glutenfree Recipe.

And what better way to celebrate than…. This mix is caffeine-free, great for gifting, and use in curries, dals, stews, with veggies. Vegan Glutenfree Soyfree Nutfree Recipe.

Indian Recipes

Vegan Gluten free Naan Flatbread. Grain-free Naan Recipe. No Yeast.