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You better watch out . . .
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Did the Muppets kill them all? Is Caine their slave? Is he simply biding his time before he attacks the Muppets and inevitably wins, thanks to his giant size, massive teeth and comparative resistance to fire?

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This film is all of my nightmares come to life. Ostensibly, this is a Santa Claus origin film. This film is Shakespearean in its cruelty. Incredibly The Santa Clause — in which a man harrowingly transforms into Santa against every last one of his wishes — was not an early David Cronenberg body horror film.

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Wonders will never cease. Where successful businessman Nicolas Cage is sent to a parallel dimension to learn the wholesome values of family life. You know who comes out worst here?

2. Greece- Evil goblins

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57 Victorian Christmas Cards That Are As Creepy As Those Times Themselves | Bored Panda

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Every Christmas Horror Movie, Ranked

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Black Christmas If you love Scream, then this is definitely the scary Christmas film for you. And we thought a stocking full of coal was bad… Gremlins was a big year for scary Christmas movies, it seems. Related Posts. Let's hang out!

엑시트 X 칸의 호러 크리스마스 뮤지컬(ㄷㄷ) 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' 외 l 보컬플레이 7회

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